ZR Jetpack (W/ Dual Swivel System)

ZR Jetpack (W/ Dual Swivel System)

Zapata Racing

$ 6,555.00 

Product Details

Dual Swivel System is a modified u-pipe with a swivel at its end allowing the hose to rotate freely and avoid knots, especially during freestyle figures but also during initiations for beginners. Jetpack by ZR® is a system allowing the user to fly in a seated position. It is less demanding on the riders balance and dexterity. Such as the Flyboard® Pro Series, it utilizes the latest transparent hydraulic technologies and ultra-modern design. It is equipped with a 5 points harness manufactured by an FIA homologated company (International Automobile Federation) as well as a release clip triggered by finger pressure. The steering controls have been placed under the users arms to allow maximum mobility in the water. Jetpack by ZR® is a product adapted to the wider public.


ZR Jetpack 

  • 50% lighter than equivalent products on the market
  • Beautiful design 
  • Foam seat for extra comfort
  • Wireless EMK compatible
  • The Y pipe will be the same color as the 2015 Flyboard Pro-Series



Additional Equipment

Adapters are required to fit the Jetpack to most makes and models of PWC's. The Quick Connector replaces the PWC stock steering with a Zapata Racing version that allows for quick changes between the normal PWC operation and change over to Jetpack.


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