ZR Hoverboard (W/ Dual Swivel System)

ZR Hoverboard (W/ Dual Swivel System)

Zapata Racing

$ 6,095.00 

Product Details

Dual Swivel System is a modified u-pipe with a swivel at its end allowing the hose to rotate freely and avoid knots, especially during freestyle figures but also during initiations for beginners. The Hoverboard by ZR is here and its bringing surfing to new heights! The Hoverboard Complete Kit comes with everything necessary to hook up to a PWC. Like the Flyboard, the Hoverboard is a water-propelled device that allows the pilot to fly up to 20 feet above the surface. The board is made of carbon fiber, making it lightweight but also strong enough to safely re-enter the water at fast speeds.


The PWC provides all of the propulsion for the Hoverboard by ZR®. The thrust from the PWC is routed through a hose up to the Hoverboard by ZR® where the rider can enjoy a new amazing sensation. The PWC follows behind the rider giving freedom to surf among the waves.  The Hoverboard by ZR® can fly as high as 20 feet and speeds over 15mph. Adapters are available according to each brand and model.
  • Minimum power requirement: 180HP
  • Maximum power requirement: 300HP



    Additional Equipment

    Adapters are required to fit the Hoverboard to most makes and models of PWC's. The Quick Connector replaces the PWC stock steering with a Zapata Racing version that allows for quick changes between the normal PWC operation and change over to Hoverboard.


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