ZR Flyboard Pro Series – Complete Kit SALE

ZR Flyboard Pro Series – Complete Kit

Zapata Racing

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Product Details

The V4 Flyboard "Pro-Series" is lighter, faster, more maneuverable; this new board has it all. Totally revamped in design from the V3 "Legend" Flyboard, the new board is 30% lighter, and uses advanced materials to provide high strength and low water resistance. See the Spec and Video tab below for all the new features.



  • New futuristic design
  • Plastic injection & carbon-fiber
  • Lighter construction
  • Side nozzles with adjustable angles (5° forward / neutral / 5° backward)
  • Safe twisting (independent feet) feature. Different levels of strength of the spring system that adjust how hard or easy it is to twist the board. The board twists independently while engaged and comes back to a neutral position after the twist is completed. 
  • If the spring system is set on the softest level, the Flyboard will stay loose and will not spring back up to a neutral position.
  • The Flyboard can be fully blocked in flat/neutral position for unexperienced users.
  • Side nozzle adjustable rings added for pressure control to adapt to jet-skis' HP
  • Tremendously increased efficiency due to smooth inner layering of the Y pipe and nozzles



Additional Equipment

Adapters are required to fit the Flyboard to most makes and models of PWC's. The Quick Connector replaces the PWC stock steering with a Zapata Racing version that allows for quick changes between the normal PWC operation and change over to Flyboarding.


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