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Finally there is a portable float that all professionals can use to make their work easier and safer. The new WaterMat Professional product weighs just 61 lbs. (in its carrying case) but has a surface area of over 125 square feet and will support over 1800 lbs. of gear / people. Because it is a WaterMat, it doesn't need to be inflated, assembled and has no sharp edges. Make no mistake, this product is not for recreational use, it is built for the professional. This WaterMat is heat laminated on both sides with a high vis orange extra tough poly mesh material. It is stitched with a high tensile thread around the circumference of the product. Each end has straps that are used for handles, tied down spots, and/or anchor points.

Suggested uses

  • Portable life Guard stations - put your life guards in the middle of your swimming area not on shore.
  • Moveable / portable staging areas for ski and wakeboarding schools - this will help keep ropes, ski's, boards (and skiers) all organized and ready to go.
  • Scuba staging area - scuba instructors will love having this staging area for students to get ready for dives in open water (not recommended for pools).
  • Ice rescuing - this lightweight product can be used to save people that have gone through the ice without risking the life of the rescuer, just roll it out and lift the victim to safety!
  • Yacht washing - stand on this with all your supplies and wash large boats without having to get in and out of another boat.
  • Underwater Welding - allows for a staging area above the water that is easily accessed by the welder.
  • Ski patrol deep snow rescue - WaterMat Professional easily fits on to a rescue sled and can be taken to a spot where a skier has skied into deep powder and can't get out. Just roll it out, walk over to them and lift them to safety!

I'm sure other professionals will come up with other ways to use this great new product!...and we will share them with you!




  • 5'X 25' Size when unrolled.
  • 2' thick, with a surface area of over 125 square feet.
  • Recommended for all weight sizes.
  • One Velcro tie strap.
  • Supports over 1800 lbs.
  • Weighs 61 lbs. in carrying case.
  • End straps used for handles, tied down spots, and / or anchor points.
  • Industry Leading 2 YEAR Warranty!

***Colors may vary slightly on the WaterMat*** 
***All Watermat Products are Manufactured in the USA***



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