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WaterMat® DoggyMat


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There's a WaterMat for every member of your family - even the loyal, furry ones! Our DoggyMat is made specifically to be 'dog proof'. As you can imagine, dog's claws can be a problem with any water toy so the DoggyMat is designed with an extra tough layer of poly tarp, heat laminated to both sides and stitched all the way around the edges. This surface while still fun and safe to play on, is tough enough for dog claws! Now, families with dogs can play ON their water toy WITH their dogs - and that is doggone good news!!!

The WaterMat supports a ton of fun! You can walk on water, run, jump, slip and slide on a WaterMat. You can create your own wild WaterMat games or just hang out leisurely in the sun. Everything is more fun on a WaterMat!



  • 5' x 12' Size when unrolled.
  • 2' thick.
  • Recommended for all weight sizes.
  • One installed tethering system.
  • One Velcro tie strap.
  • Supports over 900 lbs.
  • Weighs 45 lbs.

***Colors may vary slightly on the WaterMat*** 
***All Watermat Products are Manufactured in the USA***




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