SUPERSPORT HB (Sailboat/Windsurfer/Towable)

SUPERSPORT HB (Sailboat/Windsurfer/Towable)


$ 1,699.95 

The Supersport is a performance inflatable sailboat for 1-2 people. Ideal for learning to sail or simply enjoying a warm summer day. It converts easily to a stable windsurfer, ideal for learning this exciting sport. The Supersport offers compact storage, excellent stability and simple setup, plus Hardbottom (HB) inflatable hull for outstanding performance and durability. Designed around the sailing rig from the popular Multisport™ 270, the Supersport provides all the advantages Aquaglide customers have come to know and love, but with several distinct improvements resulting from our use of HB material.


  • Includes: Foot Pump, Travel Bag, and Sail
  • Makes an ideal sailboat. Perfect for learning, or just having fun on the water.
  • Stable, responsive, forgiving; the perfect tool for learning to windsurf or just plain having fun.
  • Because of it's stable hull design and simple, ultralight rig, the Supersport is the easiest way to learn how to sail or windsurf, regardless of age or ability!

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