RAVE Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 Waterpark

RAVE Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 Waterpark

RAVE Sports

$ 4,699.00 
Get your summer fun started with a pre-configured Aqua Jump Eclipse 15' water trampoline park that includes a 20' water trampoline with an attached Aqua Log and an attached Aqua Launch. Say hello to the Aqua Jump Eclipse: the most unique water trampoline on the market! With our patented design that provides a large jump surface and fast set-up, you'll make your family's dream of fun days on the water come true. The Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 is our largest water trampoline designed for three adults or six children.


       Aqua Slide        Aqua Launch       Anchor Connector Kit    Inflator/Deflator




  • Setup Time 45 - 60 mins
  • Required Water Depth 10' (3 M)
  • Jump Surface 124 sq. ft.
  • Anchor weight depends on your lake bottom and conditions. We recommend a minimum of 125 lbs. depending on these conditions.
  • Warranty Limited lifetime
  • Size 20 Foot Diameter
  • 18'11" x 36" inflated · Commercial grade, reinforced construction · 3 adults or 6 children (1050 lbs. max) · 185 lbs. product weight
  • Included: 5 step ladder included · 112 (5-1/4") springs · 11'5" x 54" inflated Aqua Launch · 17'6" x 25" inflated Aqua Log · RAVE High Speed Inflator/Deflator · Anchor Connector Kit



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