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Our Inversible is a giant lounge and play station that can be used as a soaker or a platform. In soaker mode, the interior mesh floor provides an open splash zone for active play or for cool, quiet lounging. When inverted, the mesh floor provides an airy platform for rest or active play. The Inversible can also be used as a stand-alone item, or integrated into an aquapark in multiple configurations. It attaches on 2 sides using our Interloc system and is suitable for up to 8 people.


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  • 8 person capacity
  • Duratex: Commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material. Ideally suited for watersports. Duratex™ material is the finest, commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available.
  • RF Weld: Radio frequency welded seams for high quality and outstanding durability. Process is used to fuse Duratex™ material seams producing clean, strong seams with no unsightly glue marks or splits.
  • UV Block: Material specially treated for high resistance to the sun’s damaging rays. Highest grade 3-year UV coating available on the market.
  • EN Compliant: Product complies with all DIN EN 15649 product safety standards.
  • UP Grip: Incorporates convenient climbing handles and allows for boarding and/or climbing while staying out of the way for other activities.
  • 3-Year Limited warranty against any and all manufacturing defects.
  • Cup Holders: Strategically placed beverage holders sized for typical drink cans and bottles.
  • Back Support: Offers unprecedented lounge comfort and inspires confidence when towing.
  • Soak: Incorporates a soaking feature.

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