ZR Flyboard Pro Series + Hoverboard + Jetpack + Wireless EMK

ZR Flyboard Pro Series + Hoverboard + Jetpack + Wireless EMK

Zapata Racing

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Take advantage of the complete bundle of Zapata products! The package includes: Flyboard Pro Series, Hoverboard by ZR, Jetpack by ZR and Wireless EMK.

The Flyboard "Pro-Series" is lighter, faster, more maneuverable; this new board has it all. Totally revamped in design from the V3 "Legend" Flyboard, the new board is 30% lighter, and uses advanced materials to provide high strength and low water resistance. 

The Hoverboard by ZR is here and its bringing surfing to new heights! Like the Flyboard, the Hoverboard is a water-propelled device that allows the pilot to fly up to 20 feet above the surface. The board is made of carbon fiber, making it lightweight but also strong enough to safely re-enter the water at fast speeds.

Jetpack by ZR® is a system allowing the user to fly in a seated position. It is less demanding on the riders balance and dexterity. Such as the Flyboard® Pro Series, it utilizes the latest transparent hydraulic technologies and ultra-modern design.

The Electronic Management Kit is an add-on that allows the Flyboard® user remotely control the throttle for your Personal Watercraft. With the Electronic Management Kit, there is no need for another user to operate the PWC.


ZR Jetpack 
  • 50% lighter than equivalent products on the market
  • Foam seat for extra comfort
  • Wireless EMK compatible
  • The Y pipe will be the same color as the 2015 Flyboard Pro-Series

Flyboard Pro-Series

  • Plastic injection & carbon-fiber
  • Lighter construction
  • Side nozzles with adjustable angles (5° forward / neutral / 5° backward)
  • Safe twisting (independent feet) feature. The board twists independently while engaged and comes back to a neutral position after the twist is completed. 


  • Molded board reinforced with Carbon Fiber
  • One Oval, founded from one piece of aluminum to decrease loss of pressure and power whilst also redirecting the water in the right direction
  • Change from goofy to regular mode without tools


      Additional Equipment

      Adapters are required to fit the Jetpack to most makes and models of PWC's. The Quick Connector replaces the PWC stock steering with a Zapata Racing version that allows for quick changes between the normal PWC operation and change over to Jetpack.


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