Core Crossfit SUP for Yoga & X-training

Core Crossfit SUP for Yoga & X-training

RAVE Sports

$ 999.99 

Designed for paddling, yoga and fitness enthusiasts, the Core Crossfit Stand-Up Paddle Board delivers superior stability and buoyancy. This flat top board features an EVA foam deck pad that is the size of a yoga mat for comfortable workouts. In addition, the full displacement nose and weedfree fin ensure reliable performance in the water. The magnetic cradle and wraps secure your paddle on the Rave Sports® Core Crossfit Stand-Up Paddle Board.


    PolyCarbon Paddle       Roof Pads for Transport       SUP Storage/Carry Bag



RAVE's Core Crossfit Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Embracing health, wellness and a love for the outdoors RAVE introduces a unique yoga SUP
  • Stable for paddlers of all shapes sizes and abilities
  • Rider weight range is 100-240
  • Squared side walls provide full rail to rail volume for increased stability and buoyancy
  • Low curvature, flat top with built-in yoga mat
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with our Relief Grip ergonomic handle
  • Revolutionary magnetic paddle cradle with magnetic paddle wraps for all paddle styles
  • Designed for durability and longevity with Hexcel fiberglass construction with extra reinforced hard sides (rails)
  • Available in golden sun and eco-friendly blue green colors
  • Limited 1 year warranty



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