Aquaglide Challenge Track 1 SALE

Aquaglide Challenge Track 1


$ 9,399.99 $ 10,339.99

The crème de la crème, this track offers 29 person capacity with a progressive depth profile perfectly suited for the Short Course (25 yd.) pool format. Boarding is easy thanks to the ultra-low profile Swimstep XL platform. The exciting TANGO is just begging to be bounced. Next, SIERRA presents several choices; climb, balance, wriggle or splash! Interior mesh floors create 2 separate splash zones. Moving on to the VISTA, however, brings a new set of decisions as participants explore the inner passages or traverse the top. Finally, the ZULU slide makes an exciting end to the track with its 5-foot high ladder-style climbing wall and an exhilarating zero-entry slide.


12V Turbo HP Pump     12V Turbo Pump     110V Turbo Pump     110V Pump




  • Wonderful setup for commercial use
  • Easy boarding with SwimStep XL platform
  • Tango bouncer for kids and adults
  • Multiple activities available

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