Aquaglide 12V TURBO PUMP

Aquaglide 12V TURBO PUMP


$ 59.95 

Aquaglide Turbo 12v Pump - The Aquaglide Turbo 12v Electric Pump was designed to help inflate watersports and Platinum aquapark items. This isn't your standard 12v pump, the Turbo 12v is an extremely powerful portable pump for your boat or car. Specifically designed for inflating towables and large aquapark items to the proper pressure with impressive speed (2.8 psi max). When it's time to pack up, the convenient deflate option saves the day. Included are 9 feet of heavy duty cable and alligator clips to make things easier as well as a Kink-proof hose with attached fittings for Stem, Boston, Rapid Inflate, Fish Eye and Halkey-Roberts valves.



  • 12v
  • High-performance motor
  • Heavy-duty ABS casing
  • 4 different nozzle adapters fit most valves including Boston valves, Zodiac valves and Aquaglide Fastinflate valves


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