AIRPORT CLASSIC Lounge/Towable Combo

AIRPORT CLASSIC Lounge/Towable Combo


$ 359.95 

The Airport Classic balances performance, style and value in a remarkably versatile swim platform so that you and your guests can play on the water with style. Ideal as a lounge, swim raft or launch pad for any watersports, the Airport can also be towed with up to three people. Designed primarily for residential use, the classic styling fits comfortably in any waterfront environment. The Airport Classic features reinforced handles for boarding, towing and transport.


12V Turbo Pump     Airport Softpack     4 Person Rope     6 Person Rope




  • 3-Person Towable
  • Pump & Rope sold separately 
  • Heavy Duty attachment points with Stainless fittings for linking items, attaching PWC's or accessories. Vertigo, Airport, Lanai, Takeoff series, Freefall Series.
  • Offers the extra durability and stability of a 840D nylon cover completely containing the inflatable bladder.
  • Large valve opening provides quick inflation and deflation. Convenient one way feature.
  • Eva Guard EVA Rash Guard Soft, forgiving protection for knuckles, elbows and knees.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty against any and all manufacturing defects

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