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3-Person TowBoggan


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The new innovative towable is REALLY A DIFFERENT RIDE! If you've been pulled behind a boat on just about everything but a kitchen sink (and if a kitchen sink floated, we would have tried riding one), the TowBoggan is a ride that will exhilarate you, your friends and your family. Not only is it a wild new ride; since there's nothing to inflate, there's nothing to pop. Designed for towing speeds up to 20 MPH, both the 3-person and 6-person TowBoggans are built to last. Tested last summer with hundreds of riders from age 3 to 86, the response was universally "that TowBoggan is one crazy ride!"

TowBoggan DOES NOT have any metal, sharp edges or I-bolts. TowBoggan is ready for fun right out of the box with no assembly required.



  • 5'X 10' Size when unrolled.
  • 2' thick, with a surface area of over 50 square feet.
  • Recommended for all weight sizes.
  • Weighs 55 lbs.
  • Do not tow more than 3 people. (up to 500 pounds)
  • Do not exceed 20 MPH when towing people on the TowBoggan and always use common sense.
  • Use at least a 50 foot, but no more than 65 foot, 4000-pound tensile strength rated tow rope.

***Colors may vary slightly on the WaterMat*** 
***All Watermat Products are Manufactured in the USA***



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