Weekly Flyboard Lessons

Certain things in life should be tried by everyone;  Riding a bike, flying a kite, swimming in a lake, enjoying a campfire at night, skydiving, visiting a foreign country to name a few . Some of these things you might only experience once in life, and others you may do all your life.  Make sure no matter how young or old, shy or adrenaline junkie, you try flyboarding at least once.  But without a doubt, like anything, with a little practice this experience can be second to none.  That is why Viscosity Sports now offers weekly lessons for Flyboarding and Hoverboarding in Michigan.  With 3 packages available (custom packages also available), you can learning to Flyboard and Hoverboard.  

Please give us a call anytime with questions or to set up your lessons now! Quotes and pricing available upon request.

  1. 3 Week Flyboard Class - this is a weekly class for individuals or groups up to 6 people.  In week 1 we will teach you all the basics and safety items and have you flying your first time out.  The next 2 weeks you refine your skills and start attempting tricks like dolphin dives and back-flips.  
  2. 5 Week Flyboard/Hoverboard Class - This class is the same as above but also includes 2 weeks of training on the Hoverboard. 
  3. 7 Week Flyboard/Hoverboard Class - This class is for those who want to push themselves to their limits.  With 7 weeks of training by our certified instructors, you will be amazed with what you can do with 1,000 lbs of thrust strapped to your feet.

Flyboarding for the first time

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