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Viscosity PartySo by now you probably seen someone flyboarding or hoverboarding.  This once crazy looking water sport, has now gone almost mainstream.  All over the world companies now offer flyboarding and hoverboarding. But at Viscosity we do things a little different.  Doing a single 20 minute lesson on a flyboard or hoverboard is like anything else; It's great and fun to try but, if you give it a little practice the things you can do are amazing. That's why in 2015 we are now offering lessons as well as event and group bookings (ie parties).  

Flyboarding and Hoverboarding are much like any other watersport. For example, you could try wakeboarding or kite-surfing once, but what's the fun of that!?!? The fun is when you start getting good and get massive air and flips.  And that is exactly what you will do in our Viscosity Sports Flyboarding and Hoverboarding classes.  You can chose from how often you would like to schedule the class (normally weekly) and for how many weeks (normally 5 weeks). 

Or maybe you have something planned this summer for all your friends or family that would be perfect to rent our flyboards and hoverboards.  We specialize in doing group bookings for bachelor, birthday, wedding parties and events like family get-togethers on the water. 

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