Aqua Lily Pad

Aqua Lily Pad

The Aqua Lily Pad is all about maximizing your fun on-the-water.  Let’s face it, a majority of your time out boating is spent on the beach relaxing or rafted-up with friends in a quiet cove.  And what do you and the kids want to do as soon as the boat stops?  That’s right….it’s time enjoy the water and that’s what Aqua Lily Pads do best….allow your family, friends and even your pets a chance to get wet and cool off in the safest and most comfortable environment possible.  It’s a floating playground, something everyone will enjoy.

 Anyone can now sit, walk, or run on–the-water thanks to Aqua Lily Pads.  Call it a water pad, water toy, water raft,  or water float – everyone who has one calls it… WATER FUN!

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